Jul 31, 2012

A New Shark 

Since I sold my 1984 European market 635csi, I have been missing the E24. Around two months ago, my friend calls me up and says, "My secretary says she has an old BMW she wants to sell. You interested?" I ask, "What is it?" I was thinking it was probably a 3 series from the late 80s or 90s based on the odds and other people's definition of "old."

Once I got in touch with the owners, I was told it was a 633csi L6. Well, I obviously knew it was one or the other, but was pretty confident that it was an E24 6 series. I set up an appointment to check it out. I found out that the car had been parked ten years ago and not driven since.  The car had belonged to the "ex son-in-law" who had moved to China and left the car behind. 

When I showed up, I found a Sapphire Blue 1983 633csi with a Pacific Blue interior and a 5 speed manual. The car was covered in ten years of grime, but I found it to be very straight with a lot of life left in the paint. There is no rust and all of the rubber on the car is surprisingly supple and not dried out. I looked it over and found a crack free dash and a relatively clean engine compartment. The only obvious problem (without starting it) was a scuffed sunroof. The owner let me know that they had struggled with the sunroof before the car was parked.

So, I made a deal and came back a week later to pick it up with a truck and trailer.
I drove it straight to the self-serve car wash and washed it. I was very pleased to see a very pretty car underneath the ten years of dirt. Once we got home, I drained the tank and added about ten gallons of fresh gas. I carefully went over the engine compartment and then put in a fresh battery. It cranked but would not fire. After about ten minutes I found that the speed signal sensor was no good. I happened to have an extra and swapped it out. I hit the key once again and it fired immediately. It was like the car had never left the road. It idled perfectly and sounded excellent. On top of that, all of the electrics work! I was not expecting that.

It will need some suspension work, wheels and tires, various fluids flushed, and I am sure I will find many other things. But overall, I am very excited to be back in an E24. While it is not the car that my '84 635csi was, it is a clean all original car. I have always found the '83 b32 powered cars to be impressive. With the hot cam and 14 pound flywheel, the engine has some life. Anyway, I wanted to share my new find.  You can follow the project at https://sites.google.com/site/straightsixbimmers/technical/e24/1983-633csi


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