Apr 19, 2012

Old Timey Word of the Week

Another classic on tap this week.  Geez Lousie!  The first time I heard this phrase I was on the little league baseball field.  I was about 5 years old and I heard my coach exclaim this classic phrase.  I remember repeating it around the house in the weeks to follow.  At one point, my mom overheard me say it and promptly scolded me.  She told me I was not allowed to repeat it any longer.  I asked her why, and I specifically remember her blank look.  She didn't know.  She told me she was sure it was inappropriate.  Research has left me equally confused and without any real answer.  The most plausible explanation was that it stems from the 1970's hit T.V. show, All in the Family. 

It seems that the next door neighbor was named, "Louise."  Archie Bunker, could be heard uttering the phrase, "Geeze Louise." While I could not find any real answer, this phrase will forever be one of my favorites. 

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