Oct 12, 2011

Old Timey Word of the Week

A close cousin to shenanigans, hijinks, and ballyhoo, tomfoolery is this week's old timey word.  The other day, my wife looked at me and a friend and said, "oh, you guys and your hijinks!"  It immediately struck me a as a great old timey word and it got me thinking about tomfoolery and ballyhoo.  Watch the first 20 seconds of this scene from "Good Will Hunting" (1997):

Tomfoolery's first documented use was 1812.  The dictionary definition is "playful or foolish behavior."  Apparently, there was a man named Thom Foole who was described as "mentally deficient."  His name became an adjective for goofy behavior.  As usual, here are some images I discovered while researching. 

Hi Jinks -- Salt Lake City, Utah


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