Oct 6, 2011

Old Timey Word of the Week

Ever given or received The High Hat?  I am not talking about part of a drum kit.  This week's old timey word refers to treating someone in a snobby or condescending manner.  When someone ignores you or generally snubs you, you have just received the "high hat."  I first heard this term used by comedian Artie Lang.

Artie Lang
Artie was telling a story about fellow comedian David Cross. 

David Cross

Apparently, Artie had introduced himself to David for the first time and received a very cold response.  Artie said that David had given him "the high hat."  A little research shed some light on the origins of the phrase.  It seems that it originally referred to someone from the upper class who may wear a tall hat and look down his nose at the lower class.

As usual, I found some great images while searching.


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