Sep 28, 2011

Old Timey Word of the Week

What better way to describe destroying something, than to say you are going to "blow it to smithereens."  This week's old timey word took me back to my childhood. I have heard smithereens a million times, but I couldn't think of where I had heard it.  A little searching jogged my memory.  It was Yosemite Sam. 

If you focus, you can probably hear it in your head.  It sounds like this...


The term is thought to have its roots in Ireland and come from the word "smidirini."  Its first known use was in the early 1800s.  Smithereens is a fun word that provides a strong visual image.  So, the next time you are doing a remodel and need to demo that kitchen wall, why don't you smash it to smithereens?

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