Sep 24, 2011

BMW E21 M42: Project Completed

Some of you may have been following Joel and I as we have been working on a complete drivetrain transplant on an E21 320i.  Here is the complete story with details and photographs:

Breathing New Life Into a Classic BMW

We finished the project and have delivered it back to the owner, Tim.  Tim couldn't have been more excited to get his car back and he seemed to be elated with the work and the car's transformation.  The project was a success and the car is running and driving very well.

It has been a great few weeks while working on this project.  Tim couldn't have been any better in supporting the project.  He did his due diligence in purchasing a great motor and supplied all of the necessary parts to complete the job.  It made the work Joel and I did go much more smoothly.

Thanks for following the project and let me know if you have any questions.

-- Paul

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