Aug 25, 2011

Old Timey Word of the Week

This week's old timey word of the week is "Gat." Most guys my age remember this as a slang word used in reference to a gun. Many rappers of the early 90's used the word gat in their songs. Dr. Dre said, "Gap teeth in your mouth so my gats gots to fit."

Dr. Dre

However, the term "gat" is actually an old term. It dates back to the late 19th Century when it became a shortened name for the Gatling Gun.  As it evolved, it became a term used for all kinds of guns.  Who used it best?  In my opinion, Humphrey Bogart used it best.  Watch this great video from the gangster movie "The King of the Underworld" (1938).  Around 50 second into this video is where you want to look. 

King of the Underworld Poster Insert 14x36 Humphrey Bogart Kay Francis James StephensonKing of the Underworld Movie Poster (11 x 14 Inches - 28cm x 36cm) (1939) Style A -(Humphrey Bogart)(Kay Francis)(James Stephenson)(John Eldredge)

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